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My name is Tim Allen and I run the Flint Creek Courier in Montana's Granite County. In covering the Drummond Trojans and Granite Prospectors over the last eight years, I've seen the printed postseason media guides at each event. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that our schools were being charged to print them! Having worked in both the journalism and print industries for the last three decades, I know that is flat out wrong!

And having coaches fill out all the box scores just to charge users to read them is no better.

Over the last few years I've developed the idea for what you're seeing now - It's a digital version of the printed media guide that solves a lot of problems for schools, athletes, and most importantly you - the Fans!

Once the old media guides are printed, we're all stuck with whatever errors were in them. From inaccurate brackets to misspelled names, there was no going back. And if you lost your media guide during the tournament, you had to go buy another one. fixes all of that with the ability to edit and update information in real time. And by going digital, we even save a few hundred trees to boot!

Please enjoy this online digital media guide for your postseason events and please share it with friends, family, and other fans around the country and around the world!

See ya at the games!

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My Story

I'm a life-long sports enthusiast and journalist. As many of us did, I played a wide variety of athletics growing up focused mainly on baseball and basketball. But as time and opportunities presented themselves, I got involved in soccer, golf, bowling, tennis, and even judo.

My athletic experience includes playing basketball at the community college level and advancing to coach in the high school and college ranks. When my playing days were over I took to officiating several sports (recreation, high school, and college) and acting as a a high school athletic director and college sports information director for several institutions and conferences.

But I found my true calling when I became a Sports Journalist.  I have served as a Sports Editor on and off for over 30 years and have done play-by-play and color commentary for over half of that. Most recently I became the voice of the Drummond Trojans and Granite Prospectors during their home volleyball and basketball broadcasts on the NFHS Network. I've told my wife that some of the funnest things I get to do is standing or sitting on the sidelines of game and 'talking to myself' for about 6 hours.

And now I'm merging my love of sports and technology to present you with


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to make our coverage better. Let's connect.

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