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  • Tim Allen

Welcome to PrepSportsMT!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

If you're here, you're in the right place!

PrepSportsMT is an online version of the old, outdated, printed media guides of the past.

The 2023 Western Division & District Volleyball Tournaments are inaugural use of this new platform, and one that we expect will be the primary venue to for you to get information on teams into the 2023-2024 basketball season.

Here's what you'll find on our site:

  • Team Pages - Each team has their own dedicated page with a team photo, roster, team/school hype video (if they've submitted a link for one), and collection of pictures from action during the previous season.

  • Tournament Brackets - We have a link to a Google Sheet with all three district brackets as well as the Western Division Bracket that is updated as games are completed. (Google login required). We'll also be updating bracket graphics as quickly as we can.

  • District Match Scores - As each match is completed & reported its score will be posted to our feed along with any pictures (if available).

  • World Wide Access - is accessible anywhere in the world that has internet access. Our apologies to fans located in Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ;) But if you have friends and family watching the NFHS Stream of games around the state, country, or world, send them a link and they're good to!

As we get organized with each school's coaches and athletic directors, we'll be able to bring fans, friends, and family members even more content.

If your a business and would like to advertise on our site (the whole thing or maybe just by your favorite team), check out our advertising page by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to your team in the postseason!


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